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Jackie Robinson - 1947 by Ernest Hamlin Baker Mickey Rooney - 1940 by Peter Stackpole Rita Hayworth - 1941 by George Petty Britain's Winston Churchill - 1940 by Associated Press Bing Crosby - 1941 by Ernest Hamlin Baker Land of the Free - 1942 by Boris Artzybasheff Eisenhower - 1942 by Ernest Hamlin Baker


Yankee Di Maggio - Joe DiMaggio 1936 by Wide World Mahatma Gandhi - Man of the Year 1931 by Illustration cr V Perfilioff Robert Tyre Jones Jr - 1920 by Illustration cr Eleanor Harris Clark Gable - 1936 by Clarence Sinclair Bull Ernest Miller Hemingway - 1937 by Waldo Peirce Walt Disney - 1937 by Robert Mack Frank Lloyd Wright - 1938 by Valentino Sarra


Baby Basset Hound - 1928 by No Credit Leopold C Amery - 1927 by S J Woolf John Hays Hammond - 1926 by S J Woolf Charlie Chaplin - 1925 by No Credit Sigmund Freud - 1924 by Illustration cr S J Woolf Anthony H.G. Fokker by Gordon Stevenson George Bernard Shaw by Paul Thompson